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What is an Emergency?
An emergency is a large-scale crisis that destroys the lives of individuals, wrecks communities and overwhelms their ability to cope. A humanitarian emergency can take different forms and has a major impact on people, environment, infrastructure and buildings.
Disasters include flooding, earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, tsunamis and locust attacks. Often a natural disaster can trigger other emergencies such as famine or conflict. The emergency needs immediate action to prevent a deterioration of the situation and any further loss of lives. A prompt and relevant response can save lives and improve a community\'s ability to cope with the disaster. KHF India works with governments, other non-governmental organizations, local communities and local peoples to prepare for and prevent rapidly and slowly occurring disasters.
When disaster strikes, a quick and relevant response can save lives. Your support helps thousands of families and communities every year.
Respond Quickly:
KHF India Rapid Response Team is positioned strategically around India it means that they can respond quickly when an emergency strikes.
Relieve Suffering:
KHF India distributes safe water, food, medical aid, shelters, blankets and cooking pots in the immediate aftermath of an emergency - these items are badly needed for survival.
Reduce Risk:
KHF India trains communities and introduces measures to help families be better prepared and more resilient for future emergencies.
What can you do?
Your donations in emergencies help us at each stage of tackling an emergency; from training and preparation for communities in disaster-prone areas, to immediate relief aid, as well as rebuilding homes, schools and livelihoods.
For example:
1. A gift of ($50 USD) could provide food & treatment for a malnourished child
2. A gift of ($100 USD) could provide for a family in a disaster-prone area with an emergency kit, containing essential items such as hygiene and shelter kits and cooking utensils.

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What is an Emergency? An emergency is a large-scale crisis that destroys the lives of individuals, wrecks communities and overwhelms their ability to cope. A human...

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