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Guideline volunteers

Guideline for Humanitarian Workers: 

1.Keeping the mobiles fully charged as power outages may happen

2.Keeping in touch with villagers and villagers also informing the workers proactively about whatever developments are happening including if the Government officials approach them.

3.Ensure Villagers have taken care of their houses, cattle, precious items, official papers

4.If need be, without any panic, to organize evacuation. Humanitarian Workers and task forces may play a positive role in evacuation.

5.Evacuation should be without any discrimination and with special concern for poor, Pregnant women, Elderly, Children, Persons with Disability and other vulnerable persons. 

6.The locations where people evacuate should be well organized with all facilities, especially for women. 

7.Remain alert and prepared in rescue shelters. Make sure there is NO discrimination camps and also basic necessities are arranged like food, water and hygiene.

9.Assess the services/ facilities available in the camps and identify gaps which can be supported by Humanitarian agencies. 

10.Keep an emergency kit available with you or in your stationed office.

11.Please keep your team leader informed of your whereabouts and your travel plans

12.Please refrain from engaging in any sensitive discussions

13.Carry sufficient water and food stocks on person for at least one to two days

14.Carry proper certified identification papers and protection against weather (Torches,caps,rain coats etc.)

Kindly disseminate following PSA for animals likely to be affected:

If you are evacuating due to flood, here are some things you can do for your animals:

15.Travel with emergency kit for your animals ( may include animal identification & records / documents / important contact numbers /first aid )If you have no choice but to leave your livestock behind:

16.Before evacuating and if it is safe for you to do so, move them to higher ground. Leave them enough food and clean water. They will need protection from the elements and shelter.

17.Untie them so they have a chance to escape should floodwaters rise. Tethered or penned animals have no chance in a flood or storm surge. Animals are strong swimmers and untying them gives them a chance to survive.

18.When returning after flood waters have receded, have plenty of fresh water available.

19.On your return, check and secure fencing as these may have shifted in the floods.

20.for details contact Kashmir Humanity Foundation at 

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