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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Are my donations tax-deductible?
Yes. Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India is a registered organization in India. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
How do I donate?
You can donate through NEFT,RTGS,DRAFT etc main options: mail, online, and transfers.
Why Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF and how often should I donate?
Anyone can give less or more but the concept of Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India is very simple: a persons one day\\\'s wages can make a significant impact. Anyone can give. You don\\\'t have to be rock stars, millionaires, or Hollywood A-listers to make an impact on the issues of injustice and extreme poverty. You can certainly just make a one-time donation but we are asking all of our KHF members to just give when they join KHF and renew their pledge monthly, quarterly, or at least each year on their birthdays. As you are blessed on your birthday, choose to be a blessing to others.
What if I\'m not working?
You don\'t have to be working to be a part of KHF. We have young children, students, unemployed, and retired folks that have joined our movement. We simply invite you to register and create a profile, and make any donation.
What is the Giving Fund and Administrative Fund
The Giving Fund is the fund by which we partner and invest in organizations around the world. 100% of gifts to the Giving Fund (minus transaction costs) goes directly to Utilization
The administrative fund that supports the administrative costs of the organization.
What does KHF do with the money it raises?
KHF uses 100% of the money raised for projects (minus transactions costs) to directly grant to proven organizations, projects, and causes around extreme global poverty. While compassion is very important, our priority is not to give hand-outs but to carefully fund organizations, projects, and causes that empower the poorest of the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. While there must be numerous strategies to end extreme global poverty, we understand that money isn\'t the solution but rather, people.
How can people be certain that 100% of the money goes where it’s supposed to?
KHF has a several fold policy in who and how we partner with organizations. In addition to a thorough grant process, we attempt to have a hands on approach with the funds that KHF invests in organizations and projects. After finding efficient and effective non-profit partners, we monitor the progress of a project and ask for documents, write-ups, photography, and video reports to corroborate the progress and completion of a project. We\'ll also occasionally send staff and volunteers (on their own budget) to the field to ensure that your donations are being used with efficiency and integrity.
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