Education For Deprived Childrens

Becoming a KHF INDIA Education Ambassador through our Monthly Giving Program means that we can count on your timely support month after month. This allows us to deliver long lasting impact to the children and communities we serve. A year’s commitment of: Provides an entire classroom with lunch for a whole month. Provides two children with new shoes, uniforms, textbooks, & supplies so they may attend school. Gives the gift of education for a child in need. Provides one child with shoes, uniform, textbooks, supplies and all the school fees to attend a Good school for an entire year.

KHF Social Change Fund

KHF Social Change Fund is an initiative designed to develop strategic investment for achieving high and long-term impact from social development projects. We recognize the need for philanthropic giving to be innovative and resilient. The objective of the Social change fund is to bridge the gulf between the charitable potential of individuals and the local specific developmental challenges of a community. Systematic identification of cutting edge not-for-profit organizations and programs that is innovative and strategic in education, and livelihood promotion KHF India has initially focused on some thematic areas of livelihood promotion, and education for greater effectiveness and impact. Each thematic area has a well defined rationale, concrete objectives and a plan to balance risks with returns. This initiative provides need-based projects thoroughly reviewed by experts under each thematic area. An individual donor can contribute by filling donation form. Alternatively, you can reach us at

Our Mission

Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India mission is to educate the poor and the other half is to educate the world about the poor. Our vision is to strive for a world of leaders and citizens who have interacted with, and are truly knowledgeable about the world\'s poor. We believe in a "pass it on" philosophy where education is free and available for all who seek it. Those of us who have received a free education pass it on by helping others less fortunate by teaching, interacting and learning. With just a few hours a week, our volunteers, children and sponsors are changing the world we live in.

Social Venture Philanthropy SVP

Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India Asia underscores the fact that helping is not simply a matter of dispersing money but of making a deep, long-term commitment and casting a hard eye on results. With this model, the Foundation partners with emerging and committed organizations for various programmes. It tries to build their capacity, training them to gradually sustain and scale up themselves and their activities. It initially offers them the opportunity to reach their potential and progressively scale up and bear the entire weight themselves. The entire management and operation of Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India Asia is in compliance with the principles of \"Good Governance \"and thus sets itself apart with its set norms of sustainability, scalability, accountability, transparency, credibility and effective leadership


According to the government, more than 2,500 villages have been affected, In Jammu and kashmir Flood with approximately five million people at risk and the estimated number of vulnerable children at 2.2 million.


Use Your Income Tax for Charity as welfare of Humanity and get Tax Exempted Certificate under session 80G of income tax Act 1961 by Government of India contact

Our Vision.

Our Vision is to touch millions of lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged people of India on a sustainable basis. We will make use of multiple platforms and mediums to reach this goal and be one of the most respected NGO known for its practice and ethics. We are committed toThe society by making a sustainable difference in life of the underprivileged & The Donors by making judicious use of funds.

Our un-relent attitude, commitment and dedication towards our mission, has made us seen as one of most committed Non-governmental organizations working out of Kashmir Region. KHF India has become synonymous to Education, Healthcare and Livelihood and for the welfare of the deprived.We invite you to join us in our mission, be a part of our crusade, visit us, be a help. A small contribution from you can bring up a big change, a broad smile, light of happiness and gratitude in someone’s life. Come, be the change and make this mighty mission accomplishable. Without you, we are unable to step further, without you our objective remains a faraway dream. 

Boosting Societal Balance
Kashmir Humanity Foundation plays sufficient role in creating societal balance, through economic and social empowerment extended to poor yet needy people. Their primary purpose in to bring the poor segment to the equal status of that of the upper class so as to create balance of status. Kashmir Humanity Foundation also strives to do the same by assisting the poor people to meet their basic needs of life on monthly basis. So far, numerous projects have successfully been executed thus contributing magnificently to creation of balance in society.

Donate and Save Tax
Donations to KHF India are exempt (50%) under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Tax exemption is valid only in India. 

Sponsor Vocational Training Courses Just @ 11K


The need based action plans to be prepared, implemented and reviewed annually by the village communities in facilitation of the other stakeholders.

All the stakeholders will be involved at various stages to share learn and contribute their inputs, which lead to better results and create opportunities for its wider dissemination by them at their levels.

The project provide platform for the community to set their own priorities and decide possible solution which can initially be the low cost traditional system or technologies already in use.

Furthermore opens opportunities for research on community preferred need based new technologies as basket of choice to select the best fit in their system / region with some modifications on recommendation of community.

Added – value.

Innovation approaches.

Models for good practices.

Promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities.

Promotion of education among deprived

Target Groups

Rural poor communities including men, women and children, more so with communities who are below the poverty line. Small and marginal farmers, land less labourers and artisans.


The target groups basically forest dweller forced to survive on degraded forestland which in now partly turned to be the agriculture land but not suitable for agricultural practices and migration in nearby city areas to fulfill their basic needs. Even then they are still expecting forest to provide some fuel for them and fodder for their cattle. This led to continuous degradation of forest resource, resulted dance forest to the totally scrubland. Development of this forestland that is a common property of the village provides opportunity for all the villagers to come and work together and enjoy the benefits equally by all class of community. Looking to the increasing population and continuous degradation of natural resources the agriculture land alone unable to meet out the total food requirement of the village then what about other needs when there is no source of income available. The seriousness of situation becoming critical day after day and the farmers are forced to migrate and / or harvest trees to meet their basic need. If the situation not treated carefully considering the need and priorities of the villagers the day is not far when there is not forest left for harvesting for these communities at the same time the would have the control over these environmental resources. The need totally is to help peoples to help themselves in a sustainable manner.

Helping Hands for Humanity

Success Stories

Amid ahmad aged 22 learn computer DTP work by KHF India , After successful completion of the course he was given certificate. he is proficient in Wedding Cards, Invitation Cards, Business Cards and Other DTP Work.I joined KHF INDIA COMPUTER center 2 years back. Now I am proficient in computer work. I am getting works from the local i am   self-independent as I belong to very poor family. Today I am earning Rs 100-150 per day
read more

Needy Cancer Patients

Be Social

Urgent Appeal

Urgent Appeal:-A Humble request to Individuals, Businesses, Corporations and foundations wishing to support the initiatives of the Kashmir Humanity Foundation to rebuilt Jammu and Kashmir Flood victims , Kashmir Humanity Foundation is CSR-eligible organization For CSR Projects and other support please contact:-

Our NGO concentrates in

Education, Health, Women's Empowerment, female literacy, formal education for children, non-formal education, rural employment, income generating skills, Community health, Sanitation & awareness programs on various social issues. Training and employment, Computer Education, Tailoring Schools, English speaking courses etc. for sponsorship contact:-

Programs for 2016 & 2017

Online Charity Shop of Kashmir Humanity Foundation NGO is selling  Kashmir Handmade handicraft product ranging from INR Rs 50 to 5000 only ...Kashmiri paper mashi, wooden products, Kashmiri shawls, scarfs, Gifts, etc. for details and catalogue please write us at
We Can Accept Donations from Countries Other Than India as we Have Valid FCRA Certificate Please contact for donations to, For  Indian Contribution Account (for Indian Residents) E Mail at  donations(at)

Resource with free access

Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF) very soon would be coming up with a knowledge based resource centre catering to interested people from all strata, especially focusing on providing access to knowledge to the underprivileged. This Resource Centre would provide free access to all. Reference books, materials and periodicals would be available on various subjects viz; Educational, Vocational, Social Issues, Geography, People and Culture, History, General Knowledge, World Affairs and Social Issues. Various modules for imparting training on Communication Skill Development, Management, Womens issues and Empowerment are being planned at the centre. A library facility with free access to Reference Books, Magazines, Educational, Training and Knowledge based CDs/DVD including daily English and Urdu Newspapers would be available at the resource centre. Apart from this, documents and knowledge dissemination on various available Government Schemes, facilities and opportunities could be availed by students and career & job aspirants belonging to marginalized segment. Access to Computer and Internet based audio, video libraries and training modules on various vocational options would be available for preparation of competitive examinations and job prospects for Government and Private Sectors. Eradicating Social injustice
Social injustice prevails in societies, when there exists a difference of classes and status. To discourage difference of class, the cited organizations executea number of projects, through which sufficient awareness is created among the people insisting them to be respectful for each other and discourage discrimination. In the same way, the Kashmir Humanity Foundation works to eradicate social injustice through various projects
Free Food Distribution
We all wish we could do more to support underprivileged Hospital patients facing challenges and their caregivers, beyond our prayers.Providing food to poor patients in Government hospitals started in a humble manner by Kashmir Humanity foundation

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Poverty in India
30 crore people still live in extreme poverty in India: UN report India has one third of worlds poorest: World Bank One in three of the worlds poorest people are living in India: World Bank About 300 million people still live in extreme poverty in India a United Nations report has said. Still nearly 300 million people live in extreme poverty in India and face deprivation in terms of access to basic services, including education, health, water, sanitation and electricity the report Says India, which has a population of over 125 crore, out of 30 crore people still live in extreme poverty which is 37% of Indian Population. To support our programs contact
BPL survey of Jammu and Kashmir:-
According to a BPL survey of Jammu and Kashmir by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES), over 2.21 lakh people fall under below urban poverty level in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. And in the district Srinagar alone, there are over 73,262 Below Poverty Line (BPL) populations, according to DES mid-year estimates.
Over the years Kashmir Humanity Foundation’s work has been recognized by various State and Central Government Dignitaries. We are thankful to them for entrusting their faith and belief in our services and giving us such an honour. It encourages and makes us believe that we are on the right track and at the same time reminds us of the great responsibility we carry on our shoulders towards Humanity.
Urgent Announcement
We have a vacancy for 20 kids in orphanage, interested may contact us everything is free in orphanage, like education, books, food, uniform shoes and all other requirements.

Disasters & Relief
Disasters and emergencies threaten the rights of children and damages the communities they live in.
Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF India) has been responding to disasters in India since the 2008 Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF India) works to reduce the risk when a disaster or emergency occurs. Our response is aimed at the core humanitarian needs of children and youth with quality programmes and continued support in their recovery and rehabilitation.
Our Disaster Risk Management Goal
Children of all age groups, their families and caregivers live in disaster resilient communities and enjoy their inherent human rights at all times, including the right to life with dignity during crises.
We focus on core humanitarian needs during emergencies
Humanitarian relief and response interventions of Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF India) are based on both the needs and vulnerabilities of communities in general and children in particular. We endeavour to address the survival needs of the children and their families in the event of a disaster along with child protection and education as key focus areas.